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Websites Reviewed: Faith Blogging

By Mark D. Roberts | Monday, March 9, 2009

I recently learned of a new website that I will visit regularly. It’s called Faith Blogging: Complete Coverage of Christian Blogs and Bloggers. This is not to say that Faith Blogging covers all of the Christian blogs in the blogosphere. That would require a super-human effort. Rather, Faith Blogging surveys and summarzies many of the major Christian blogs and bloggers, including: Al Mohler, American Papist, Between Two Worlds, Brian McClaren, Catholic and Enjoying It, Desiring God, Don Miller, Emergent Village, Evangelical Outpost, God’s Politics, Jesus Creed, JollyBlogger, Our of Ur, Real Live Preacher, Tall Skinny Kiwi, and The Scriptorium. (You’ll have to visit Faith Blogging to get the links. See the left column.) Even if you’re unfamiliar with these blogs, the titles alone reflect a wide range of theological opinion. If you know these blogs, then you’ll appreciate the breadth of coverage here. Oh, I should mention that my blog has made the list as well.

What Faith Blogging does is to summarize blog posts by major Christian bloggers. So it’s like an especially intelligent and selective RSS feed. I’ve been impressed and pleased by what’s been included so far (i.e. blog posts I’m glad to have read but might very well have missed).

Faith Blogging is the brainchild of Shane Raynor, a United Methodist writer and publisher from Austin, Texas. He also produces The Wesley Report, which is an outstanding website intended primarily for Methodists.

Faith Blogging includes a few ads, but they’re inobtrusively limited to the right column. One of the things I appreciate about this website is its readability. It’s neat and simple.

If you’re so inclined, Shane gives you links to his social media at Facebook and Twitter. You can subscribe to syndication feed too.

So, check out Faith Blogging. It’s well worth the visit.

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One Response to “Websites Reviewed: Faith Blogging

  1. CPF Says:
    March 13th, 2009 at 6:06 am

    Very cool idea, I just checked out the site… thanks for mentioning it!!


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