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A Couple of Good Leads: Lapinator and

By Mark D. Roberts | Saturday, May 17, 2008

As most of my readers know, I don’t accept advertising on this website. But, upon occasion, I do point my readers to products or services that I have found helpful. Today I want to highlight Lapinator and


Every now and then I actually want to use my laptop computer on my lap. The problem is that my computer can get pretty warm on the bottom. If it’s on my lap, computer heat plus body heat leads so some discomfort.

What to do? Get a Lapinator. Yes, a Lapinator. You’ve gotta love this name! More importantly, you will love this product. It’s a lightweight, inexpensive device that will allow you to use your computer on your lap in full comfort. I prefer the Lapinator-Plus, which is a little larger than the Lapinator. You can order it from, or directly from Lapinator website.

I expect many of my readers are already familiar with The company has been around for over then years, but I just started doing business with them in the last year. Basically, sells, you guessed it, overstocked items at a discount. If, for example, Panasonic has too much stock of a certain television set, then it might sell that model at a significant discount through

If you expect to do much shopping through, I’d highly recommend their “Club-O” program. You pay $29.95 per year. In turn, you receive an extra 5% off almost every order, as well as free shipping. This is quite a deal, in my opinion. We’ve bought some furniture for our house from, using the “Club-O” deal. The savings were significant, and we’ve been very pleased with the quality of our purchases.

I recently purchased a television from It arrived in fine shape, but, in transit, someone had opened the box and removed the remote control. I thought to myself: Oh, no! This is going to be a huge hassle. I called’s free phone support and explained the situation. The person on the other end, who spoke intelligible English, gave me absolutely no hassle. When he couldn’t help me, he passed me on to someone who could. was not able to send another remote since they were out of stock. But they gladly refunded to me the amount it took me to order a new remote from another vendor. All in all, I was greatly impressed with this experience. I give an A+ in customer care.

So, there you go, a couple of recommendations, free of charge. By the way, I checked, and you can’t get a Lapinator from

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