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Sunday Inspiration from Pray the Psalms

By Mark D. Roberts | Sunday, October 28, 2007


It is better to take refuge in the LORD
than to put confidence in princes.

Psalm 118:9

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Dear Lord, even though the presidential elections are more than a year away, we’re inundated by the flood of politics. Every day we hear of the latest speech or the newest gaffe. Polls keep track of the race, watching for the tiniest movement up or down. Candidates make grandiose promises, or tear cattily at their opponents.

But, every now and then we need to remember that “it is better to take refuge in the LORD than to put confidence in princes.” Human rulers matter, to be sure. Their policies can make a meaningful difference in our world. But we must remember that they are merely human, and their efforts can only do so much. You alone are the Lord. You alone are God. You alone are fully and finally trustworthy.

So, even as we engage in earthly politics, help us to remember that You and You alone deserve are full confidence. Only You can redeem our lives. Only You can bring peace on earth.

Questions for Reflection

How does your faith impact your political life?

What difference might it make in your life if you put more confidence in God?

Chapel of the Transfiguration, Grand Tetons National Park

Pray the Psalms is one of my two devotional websites. The other is Pray the Gospels. Both sites include a daily Bible reading from either the Psalms or the Gospels, along with a prayer and some additional thoughts or questions for reflection.

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