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Excellent Resources: Patheos and

By Mark D. Roberts | Thursday, March 4, 2010

Today I am impressed to recommend a couple of the finest online resources for material related to faith, culture, and the connection between them.


The first resource is Patheos. Patheos is a website that seeks to offer top-notch resources having to do with a wide variety of religious traditions. I’m most familiar with the material included with the Evangelical Gateway or Portal. It is excellent. For example, today I received the latest edition of the Patheos Evangelical Portal e-newsletter. It included links to the following:

• An interview with William Stuntz, and evangelical Christian who is on the faculty of Harvard Law School, and is struggling with terminal cancer.

• An article by one of the world’s leading historians of science, called “Science vs. Christianity?”

• An article by a Christian philosopher on the topic: “Are God and Allah the Same?”

• A video lecture by Francis Collins, one of the world’s top scientists, “Learning the Language of God.”

• A sermon by John Piper, “One God, One Salvation for All.”

It’s hard to imagine a more informative and timely collection of materials by a more renowned group of Christian scholars. (Disclaimer: Some of my writings have appeared on the Patheos site, but I have not been compensated for this.)

The second resource is  This website used to be known as Presbyweb. Now has a page of interest for Presybterians, a page for Methodists, and a page for others who are interested in religion and society. Unlike Patheos, does not put up original material or post material on its site. Rather, it provides summaries and links to significant news stories of special interest to Presbyterians, Methodists, and all Christians. This website, which is updated every day (except Sunday), always includes links to articles I have missed. The Presbyterian page is, hands down, the very best source of information on the deeds (and misdeeds) of the Presbyterian Church USA, my denomination.

Whereas Patheos supports itself through advertising, CHURCHand asks for a yearly subscription. $50.00 is the suggested rate, but you are free to pay less. From my point of view, what I get from is well worth the $1.00 a week subscription. (Disclaimer: Sometimes links to my blog. But I have no official or financial arrangement with this website. I would gladly recommend it even if my blog was never mentioned.)

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