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Life’s Ironies

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Life is full of ironies. When you start looking for them, you’ll see them all the time. They make life interesting.
For example, last week I had a business meeting in Dallas. I flew Southwest Airlines, which uses Dallas Love Field, an older, smaller airport about ten miles from the garganutan Dallas-Fort Worth airport. Love Field […]

Sunday Inspiration from The High Calling

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

What Should You Do When People Speak Poorly of You?
I love them, but they try to destroy me with accusations
even as I am praying for them!

Psalm 109:4
Psalm 109 is David’s prayer when people around him were speaking poorly of him. Their criticisms, though untrue, were nevertheless painful (109:2). David’s pain was increased by the fact […]

Best of Friends?

Friday, March 12th, 2010

Over five years ago, we got our dog, Sandy, a mellow Golden Retriever. Sandy is about a good-natured as a dog can be. She has only growled once in her life . . . when she saw a cow in the next door neighbor’s property, through our wire fence. Sandy got down on the ground […]

“Last Tech” . . . My How Things Change!

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

On a recent Southwest airlines flight, I read a fascinating article in Spirit, the official airline magazine. “Last Tech” by Lauren Parajon (March 2010, pp. 82-92) chronicled some recent technological changes. Some of these were familiar; some were surprising. You can read the whole article here, without even buying a Southwest ticket. I’ll supply a […]

Now That’s What I Call Crime . . .

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Today I want to put up some excerpts from the latest police blotter as they appeared in The Boerne Star, my local newspaper. I have not changed these one iota.
March 3
3:14 p.m., 200 Market – A woman reported her ex-boyfriend was probably the one who had stolen her cell phone.
3:52 p.m., 200 Winding Path – […]

What’s Better? Anticipation or the Real Thing?

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

I read an opinion piece in USA Today that got me thinking: “We expect too much of our presidents” by William Choslovsky. I’m not so interested in the main point of the column, which is a defense of President Obama on the basis that our expectations for him were unrealistically high. (I do have to […]

Sunday Inspiration from The High Calling

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

A Cry for Help
READ Psalm 107:1-43
 “LORD, help!” they cried in their trouble,
and he rescued them from their distress.
Psalm 107:6
Psalm 107 reminds us to “Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good!” (107:1). The bulk of the psalm consists of four vignettes that illustrate God’s saving grace, in response to which we owe thanks […]

Live Blogging Lent: With a Little Help From My Friends

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Part 7 of series: Live Blogging Lent
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I doubt that John Lennon and Paul McCartney were thinking about Lent when they wrote: “With a Little Help From My Friends.” And I doubt Ringo Starr envisioned Lenten disciplines when he sang the song for the Beatles’ 1967 album Sgt. […]

Excellent Resources: Patheos and

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

Today I am impressed to recommend a couple of the finest online resources for material related to faith, culture, and the connection between them.

The first resource is Patheos. Patheos is a website that seeks to offer top-notch resources having to do with a wide variety of religious traditions. I’m most familiar with the material […]

Live Blogging Lent: Fasting from Fast? (Section 4)

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

Part 6 of series: Live Blogging Lent
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Today I finish up my Lenten reflections on Faster: The Acceleration of Just About Everything by James Gleick. Let me begin with a quotation from the book:
Who knew that the inconvenience of old-fashioned letter-writing provided a buffer? Highway engineers learned that […]

Live Blogging Lent: Fasting from Fast? (Section 3)

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Part 5 of series: Live Blogging Lent
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Last Thursday I put up some comments about and excerpts from a book: Faster: The Acceleration of Just About Everything by James Gleick. On Friday I wrote about how I have experienced “faster” in my professional life, using the example of […]

First Signs of Spring

Monday, March 1st, 2010

I’ve seen the first signs of spring in my yard. We’ve had plenty of rain this year, along with unusually cold weather. But a few warm days, with highs in the 60s, have encouraged some wildflowers to start blooming. Here’s what I’ve found so far:

This is some sort of Daisy, in the Aster family. It […]
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